It has always been said that no beauty shines brighter than a good heart. We all chase the outer beauty as it surely attracts the eyes but may not always capture a heart. Beauty can be divided and perceived from two different angles, inner and outer. Although we talk a lot about having a good soul and heart yet mostly, we crave for our pleasing outer or physical appearance. Generally, we are more anxious about our body, our looks and our outer personality. In the stress, anxiousness and pressure, to always look presentable, we close our eyes to the fact that our inner self also needs to be taken care of. It is the inner self of a person that stays forever with him / her. It is this inner self that finds its place into the hearts of other persons as a good memory or the memory which they never wish to recall. Your outer beauty is surely going to dwindle and one day it might be so dull that it can’t attract the things it used to attract earlier. Your looks are surely going to change with your ageing. Your body is never going to be the same because we all know that change is the law of nature. But there is one thing which clings to you even when you leave this world and that is your inner self, the beauty, the attractive pigment that makes your heart the most beautiful thing about you. Inner beauty glazes your confidence, determination, empathy and love. Isn’t it worth knowing that the best feature of your personality, is a part of your inner self, it’s your heart, it’s your soul ? It needs no makeup to sparkle and is still that diamond that radiates a light of positivity every time people think about you. Isn’t it wonderful to get attracted from a person whose beauty isn’t what actually attracts you, it is the compassion, respect, calmness, peace and that positive vibe which magnetize people living around him or her? The essence of this real beauty had been evidenced even in the tough times may it be the Amphan cyclone in West Bengal & Odisha, the spread of Coronavirus in the whole world, Kerala and Uttarakhand floods, Tsunami in Andaman Nicobar Islands, etc. These incidents have shown us that there were some real heroes who were compassionate enough in understanding the pain and agony of sufferers of these natural calamities. These people were continuously there, giving the aggrieved people moral support. The real heroes made the affected people believe that yes, “we all are with you”. Just this expression tells a lot about what it means to be a beautiful person from heart. It is this inner beauty which would push you to become the helping hands for the people in any manner possible.So, let us take a step forward and be the ones who capture hearts and not just eyes. Let’s have a beautiful heart, Let’s be beautiful from the inner side too.



It’s all about the VIBE :)

VIBE, a term that will remind you of someone’s presence, it may remind of the magic you create every time you are with them. You will always remember the comfort, the fun, the happy moments, the sigh of relief when you see them. It’s never about the place you miss, it is about that person(s), that vibe you miss. You will go to that mall and shop for the same things and still not be happy, WHY? Maybe because you were trying to find the vibe which was entangled with the things you were doing. You will visit the cafe a multiple time but you will miss that laughter you had enjoyed that made it the best cafe for you. When we create an optimistic vibe, it does not only energise you but it rejuvenates also all the people you have met. You create an aesthetic environment for may be the ones who have not had a good day, for all those who were stressed. It’s your magnificent way that can get someone peace, that can get a little smile on their faces. You may lose contact, may forget each other’s birthday, but you will never ever forget the way you used to feel when they were around and that’s the power of vibe. It is always the people who will make you happy never the place. You connect to a particular surrounding because of all the magical moments you have had there with that vibe. Make yourself a person for whom people crave and crave for that one quality, your vibe. Construct yourself a better human being not only for others but also for your own self. Make yourself feel precious, make yourself a sprinkler of positivity and let others crave to have those droplets. Create a vibe that is remembered when you are not there. Create a vibe which soothes you and the people around. Create a vibe that makes this world a blissful place to live in.



We always talk about how to be successful and what if we are not successful?But no one really talks about failures, so let’s talk about it today. The fascination of getting successful has no harm in that but, is it only about the fascination or about the fear from failure which is brimming in our minds? Sometimes it isn’t about getting a top rank in the test it is rather about not failing in the test. The pompous fear that is positioned in our minds drives us crazy. We do not want to lack behind, we do not want that the “FAILURE” to act as an hindrance to our destination of “SUCCESS”. But it is always said that “big journeys begin with small steps”. Sometimes small steps are accompanied with small hurdles, challenges and obstacles. Improvement at anything is based on thousands of tiny failures, and the magnitude of your success is based on how many times you have failed at something. Famous American inventor and scientist THOMAS EDISON failed  more than 1000 times while he was working on his light bulb. It clearly signifies that if he would have taken a step back that day, we would not have been discussingabout him today. He did not lose patience, he did not lose his confidence, he did not lose his faith but what he did beautifully was overcoming his fear from failure. We can’t be successful at something until we are willing to fail at it. It is like we can’t be riding a car until we are willing to fall 100 times on a bicycle. The failure which we would be experiencing while we fall down will make us so resilient from all the hardships in the journey of achieving our goals. Failures make us stronger; it is hard to believe but yes, they do. Failures construct to withstand every storm that comes in our way. It makes you understand that success comes with some small gift hampers which are those tiny failures which make you the strongest individuals.



Love is a power, it’s a strength so just think about how alluring it would feel when we start loving ourselves! We are here in this world to create relations, build them, break them and continue the cycle. Missing the most important part, that is to love yourself with your whole heart. We humans are charged with so much love, that if we charge it to the right direction, we will be the happiest people on this earth. Loving someone is the most beautiful feeling and it is even more beautiful when you love them accepting all of their imperfections, flaws and in-capabilities. Take a moment, and think about the love that we can give ourselves when we accept all our shortcomings, limitations and faults.  But instead we crave for others to like us, to appreciate and to accept us. We forget the fact that we are the person with whom we share the closest and the purest bond. Amongst the numerous relationships we have, the best and the worst is the one which we create with ourselves. Any relation requires love and prior to that it requires the acceptance. We all know it very well what are we lacking behind, and every individual lack something or the other, we have some weakness as well as some strengths. Its about the way we perceive them, I may have a fat body, I may have a short height, I may have a weak eyesight, I may have a dark complexion and many more “I MAY HAVES”. But adding a “YES” to all our “I MAY HAVE” we can change the game because doing so is taking us to a next stage. It is taking us to the realization, that YES, I have to accept myself as I am. I have to accept myself the way I am so that I can love myself so deeply that I am there for myself till forever. We fear from the laughter, from the rejection and the insult that others might cause us. The fear of what “THEY ARE THINKING” or what if “THEY DO NOT ACCEPT ME” gets you down. Till the time we are dependent on other’s perceptions, their beliefs, their judgments we will always lack that self-confidence, because we would always be in a doubt about the worthiness of our love for ourselves. Close your ears and be deaf about all the negative comments and get busy to love yourself. Ask yourself so what if I am a bit fat, a bit short or bit dark I can be my favorite. I can be a person whom I can fall in love daily. I can be a person who embraces all my imperfections. It is all about accepting everything you have, the good and the bad. Know yourself, accept the way you are, and have a relationship with yourself, a relation of friendship and love.



Temporary and permanent, the exact opposites of each other yet going hand in hand. Temporary people get us to permanent lessons, temporary hard work may get us to the most awaited project in our career and yes, temporary situations make us a positive minded, strong individual. We feel shattered when we realize that the friendship, I had with this person is over now. We feel breaking up into a million pieces when we see our love falling out. We lose hope when we see that our hard work does not pay off. We feel that we are not confident enough when we are not able to handle a public gathering. Take a minute, and observe all these temporary situations, temporary people, temporary pain and temporary embarrassment. Are these temporary things bigger than YOU? The answer is NO. Let’s take it the other way around, you lost that friendship because it wanted to teach you how to differentiate from a permanent friendship. You fell out of love because it wanted you to understand that forever cannot happen with this person. You lost that big opportunity in your career because it was not big enough or may be it needs more of you, more of your hard work and dedication. Take a pause and think for a moment these temporary things wanted to teach you, wanted to give you a permanent lesson because when all these happen you will realize the cause behind it sooner or later. In a way it would be a lesson to you, the mistakes that led you here will be a permanent lesson for you, a permanent lesson for those temporary things, humans and situations.



Health is something that is holistic in nature. It is external as well as internal. External is the physical health, it is when our body feels strong, fresh and relaxed. On the other hand, an internally healthy person is the one whose soul feels strong, relaxed and at peace. Health is like a jigsaw puzzle it cannot be complete if all the pieces are not arranged in the right manner. Hence external and internal health go hand in hand. As we all know that to be physically healthy, we need to have a balanced diet and do physical activities. In the same way a person is mentally healthy if he/ she has the right balance of emotions, feelings and has a control over his/her behavior and attitude. We all know that the excess of anything is bad. So if there is intake of something bad in large quantity then the result is seen as vomiting. In the same way taking the excess of negativity may lead to an emotional burst out. Emotions should be like different veggies, it should be like the different nutrients that we should have to maintain that healthy body and soul. When we talk about health, we must also talk about the junk which should be avoided. We all know that to have a good physical personality what all we should avoid, so let’s talk about how to have a good mental and emotional personality. Ego, anger, and jealousy are some of the traits which act like the calories making us emotionally flat and bloated. So, let’s have something more friendly to our health. Let us replace ego with humility, anger with love and jealousy with admiration. Let us give it a try to change a few things to achieve something huge! …….. LET’S BE HEALTHY !


We always need someone to love us, care for us, protect us and why does that happen? It happens because we live in a society, we are surrounded with people everywhere, we are bound to believe that we NEED someone. Our lives are embedded with insecurities every now and then. These insecurities range from expecting everyone to like us, be friends with us, support us, and care for us. But the big question is why we need someone else, why can’t it be a person enjoying his/her own company. Self-sufficiency is the key here. The day when we get out of this stereotype of craving for someone or anyone we will be self-sufficient and clearly it doesn’t mean that you do not have to interact with people. This idea of self -sufficiency just rejuvenates your mind to think a little deeper, a little harder and find someone whom you already know, who is there, who is within you and guess what that’s YOU. So love yourself, enjoy your company because you are the best! Do not dishearten yourself when you lose your friendships, your love or anything special to you. When others stop enjoying your company don’t lose hope because there would be one person who will always be your best friend, who will always love you and who would always enjoy your company and that person would be YOU!



Human beings are the most dissatisfied creatures in this world, always wired to become dissatisfied with whatever they have and satisfied only by what they don’t. Mahatma Gandhi once said that there is enough for every man’s need but not for his greed. We all know that it is human nature to ask for more, no matter how much one has.  A simple example for this could be that a person having a small car craving for a bigger one and the one having the bigger would long for an aircraft. Gautama Buddha in his teachings often said that the biggest cause of unhappiness is the never ending desires of human beings. We always desire for more and more and never get satisfied. The reality is somewhat different though; we are unable to understand that whatever we have is actually more than enough for us and is meant to be for us. So let’s just start a fresh by altering our perspective that “IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH” rather than thinking “IT’S NEVER ENOUGH”. So next time when you have a small car, and you crave for a bigger one, look for a person who is travelling in a two wheeler. You will actually feel blessed for whatever you have because that would be “MORE THAN ENOUGH”. It’s not that we should not desire or wish for something but it would reconstruct a perspective to be satisfied and thankful for whatever we are blessed with.



“Dream as you will live forever….live as you will die tomorrow”. This statement appears to be a bit confusing but actually makes sense when we give a deep thought to it. It is always said that dream big because that big dream would stimulate our mind, mold us so that we perform the required actions to achieve that, to make it happen. Big dream would be something that would make us laugh….make our hearts smile. Dreaming is a beautiful exercise especially when you decide to dream for your whole life. We know that we will die one day, but till that day let’s live our lives to the fullest. Let’s try and fulfill all our dreams before that special day arrives. It also depends on how hard we work to make those dreams come true. As a wise saying goes that success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. We dream of a big farm house but to actually achieve it, we need to study well, get good grades, have a good job and earn good money. It is like a chain to achieve something and it starts with the most important thing i.e. to dream about it. The other essential thing is that we should never stop dreaming, believing that we will live forever so that the fire within us to fulfill our dreams never dies. As mentioned earlier we all know that we all are going to die one day, but are unaware of that last day. So we need to live each day considering it to be our last day. This would stimulate us to do all the things that make us happy, that generate a sense of positive attitude in our lives. When we assume that we may not be there the next day, then there are a lot more things that we can do besides doing the usual stuff. One more amazing thing is that when we feel that our end is near, we actually do not wish to waste our precious time with negative thoughts, discussing with people and holding grudges because what we have is just this TODAY. So let’s just practice one thing that we would not just live in the present but enjoy this present to the fullest like this the last one and dream-dream and continue dreaming to achieve the best in life.




If we define a thought it is simply an idea or opinion that forms by thinking or occurs suddenly in the mind. But as human beings are the most complex organisms in earth, their thoughts are also intricate in nature. Thoughts lead us to new and creative ideas or sometimes may tread the path of difficulties, tensions and depression because sometimes we think a lot, more than required leading to over-thinking. When we are not able to control our thoughts they take a long way and we take our own conclusions. Our mind contains and regulates our thoughts. Our thoughts revolve around the environment in which we are placed in. so it better to create a positive environment not only for yourself but for others as well. It is because we are someone else’s environment when we are positive we take with us those positive vibes and spread them whenever we meet them. Same is the case with negativity, if we are brimmed with negativity 24*7 what will we reflect, we would spread those negative vibrations creating a negative society. So we should try to maximize the positive thoughts because our thoughts are very powerful. They can lead us to create a better tomorrow. Positive thought process, positive visualization will tread the path of an easy going, fun and happy life brimmed with positivity. So make your thoughts as beautiful and as light and positive to lead a wonderful life.




It is rightly said that do not run behind success instead go for excellence, success will definitely come your way. Success can be different for different individuals because everyone is unique and have their own perspective towards life and all the things going around them. Success is equivalent to any big or small achievement a person achieves in his/her life. Achievement may be an A grade in your examination, it may be your selection in your favorite firm, making someone happy, making your parents proud all this comes under the shelter of success. Determination, hard work, dedication and passion all tread the path to success. When we imbibe all these qualities, we move towards excellence and we make the path for success. When we achieve what we have admire and work for it, we live a happy and satisfied life.