Loving is Living

To the most powerful emotion which can make you feel glad that you are alive. It can make you feel that sometimes anything and everything is worth it and you should go forward and do what your heart desires, may it be something big or something really small.  Love can make you feel that you are the happiest person in this whole universe. Life is just a journey of big and small steps to fall in love everyday with almost everything which brings a smile to your face, may it be your favourite ice cream, playing with your pet, listening to your favourite playlist or eating a meal with your loved ones. It could be anything that can make your heart skip a beat, from being up on your school’s stage to recite your first poem, to achieving something big in your life. It’s the love that creates an environment which calms you and tells your mind, relax we will figure it out. Love makes living worth it, it makes us feel on top of the world and be connected to all the good things in life. If not all the good there will certainly be some lessons to learn. Love makes living easy, because when you have all those small treasures along with your big supporters nothing can be that tough. These things would provide you with all the strength and power to be through with the challenges and ease out all the difficulties of your life. Last but not the least, love makes it a happy living. Just imagine yourself with all the magical things which can make your heart smile, when you have them with you, nothing can stop you from living the happiest life in the whole world. The day we pause the energy of love, it becomes the day we lose the spirit of life, the spirit of living. 

It is worth only when you live every bit of life, cherishing everything you have while you have it and making efforts with the same zeal for everything which you love but might not possess at the moment.


You are MAGICAL ✨

There is magic in your smile when you make someone’s day better. It’s the magic that they didn’t know about but it still gives them immense happiness. You are magical when you hear out to someone who feels that he/she is alone and there is no one to listen to them when they have so much to share. There is magic in your eyes when you can appreciate all the lovely little things around you. Your words become magical to those who might have not heard anything good since morning. Those sparkling talks can refresh someone’s mood, it can make them feel comfortable and they would always remember that talk with you which gave them the peace. There is magic in your thoughts that when you think about someone, all you can think about is how to love them more, how to make them happier and how to thank them for their existence in your life. There is magic in your heart when you wish to make it the most beautiful place in the world, when it’s so pure, filled with positivity, love and respect for everyone around. We don’t realise but there is magic in all of us, it’s just having the right feeling to believe that we are magical. So, the one reading this, Yes, you are magical. Magical in all the ways you cannot even dream of. Just don’t forget about your secret magical powers which are embedded within you, shower that magic, and paint this world with the beautiful colours instilled in your magnificent heart.


Let’s Cherish Simplicity :)

We have made this journey of life, a mere competition amongst each other, to seem better than the other person, to get noticed by everyone we have forgotten the biggest natural virtue that is to be SIMPLE, to practice simplicity as a habit. To make simplicity our state of mind. We are so busy in portraying ourselves to others that we have buried the essence of simplicity which has the power not only to make us happy rather we are able to radiate the light of positivity and comfort to all the people around us. Adopting this virtue of SIMPLICITY, we are always reflecting our true personality to ourselves as well as the whole world. When we endorse simplicity, we have nothing to lose and this is the biggest strength which an individual can possess. One becomes fearless, like the one sleeping on the floor who doesn’t fear from falling off the bed. When you adopt simplicity as a state of mind it creates an environment in which people love to approach you. They are attracted with your simple yet magnificent way of talking. They feel comfortable around your simple yet positive mindset. They will love you for all your simplicity, because that is magnetising them towards you. We all have heard that life is really simple, it is because of this race to win against each other that we complicate life and ourselves too. We tend to feel good when we demoralise or create an inferiority complex in the other person through our words, actions and body gestures. This toxic thought needs to be detached from us before we are disconnected from all our loved ones. This has its inherent positive effects; one tends to feel relaxed and satisfied with whatever one has. One blooms like a vibrant flower of positivity; one remains in a neutrally happy state of mind where one is neither too excited nor too depressed.
In this world where everyone is running behind complexities, be the one who embraces SIMPLICITY, so that you stand out while everyone is getting lost in the crowd 🙂


Paradox Of Progress!

Progress is always personified with a ladder that is considered a symbol of growth, prosperity and achievement. To find positivity in each and every bit of life is what our ultimate goal should be. So, to get started, the first and the foremost thing is to sow that seed of positivity in your mind and see that seed growing and becoming a reality. When we achieve progress in life, where, how and when do not matter. We develop a sense of satisfaction; well-being and we are proud of ourselves, sometimes for a little while only. We, humans, always relate progress with happiness, growth, achievement, exposure and expansion. But we never focus on the paradox and the bulk that growth or progress brings with it. The idea of paradox of progress highlights the ill effects in any form that progress brings to our life. To make the idea simpler and clearer, paradox refers to a seemingly absurd and contradictory word. So, when we say paradox of progress which itself is a statement that at first would not make any sense but as it said, when we dig deeper, mostly we find treasure. The human mind is fatigued when it experiences any kind of progress. We are tempted to get more of it. We fear what might happen if we are unable to do justice to the progress we have achieved. We have this mental pressure to be consistent with our work so that there is always progress and new heights achieved. Imagine that you scored really well in your examinations, you are happy, your family is delighted with your score. You celebrate your happiness and then there comes a thought which shakes you up. You start thinking about future, “What if I am not able to score the next time?” What if someone else gets better marks? What if this is not enough?

All these thoughts snatch away the smile of today. You were happy, you were proud but your overthinking and anxiety for the next chapter of progress brings you down.

Just take a pause and hold on for a second, the progress that is meant to give you happiness, joy, peace and reason to work even harder, should not be a continuous pressure on you to succeed. Life is a journey, you will get everything on your way, and you will have your ups and alongside you will be having the downs as well. Celebrate your progress for now and work hard for the next time, but don’t be stressed and muddled up to achieve everything right with just the blink of an eye.

Don’t be the one who gets anxious and desperate when things get better, because that will strain you, make you weak, disturb your mental health and peace. Don’t forget that there is a lesson in every chapter of life, and every chapter is not going to soothe you, make you happy or bring a smile on your face. There will be chapters that are there to teach you and guide you towards some underrated things in life.

Celebrate today,

Celebrate the success, the happiness and the progress of the present.


Taking Inspiration from Jealousy

Jealousy and Inspiration can be perceived as two different sides of a coin, although one of them is considered immoral by humans yet it is practiced the most by them. Whenever we hear the word jealousy there is some sought of negative vibe which encircles us. On the other hand, inspiration surfaces with its own positive magnetism. One never wonders why inspiration is always considered a step ahead of jealousy.

Let us try and understand the meanings of these two words.

Jealousy is something that brings upon thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear and concern when a person lacks behind any materialistic or idealistic possession as compared to the people around him/her. We have seen and experienced various cases where it is not even about money, fame, marks or any other material-based thing. People are jealous from one another just because  the other person is leading a happy, peaceful and secure life . The seeds of jealousy are germinated at the time  of child’s birth and it seems he / she has entered into this world full of competitions. Parents who always have this dream and aspiration that come what may their kids should always be the one winning a race, shining academically and succeeding in life are sometimes the first one instilling the thought of jealousy. A small kid would never  know what jealousy is all about but the pressure to always win makes him/her choose all the unfair means which start with this negative emotion. It is human nature to be envious of the things and situations that the other person possesses or is into. We all know that no matter how much we have, it will never be enough, we would never be satisfied from the things we have but will certainly be jealous about all the things  the other individual possess. It has been witnessed that when we are jealous of someone may it be because of their wealth, health, lifestyle, relationships or any other thing we are competing with them just for the sake of putting them down and taking a level up so that we can ascertain our superiority over them. Jealousy is something that is faced or can be faced in every stage of our life. A person is envious of his colleague at work because he/she is succeeding at a faster rate, a peer mate when he/she is moving ahead in the academic sphere. Humans are even jealous if they see someone happy for no reason. The biggest problem which lies here is the negative thought because of which we want to compete with that person and not ourselves. It is proven that we become better individuals when we start competing with ourselves first. When we compete with ourselves the only thought that would be rooted in our mind would be our positive growth. Having no ill will for anyone would make you stronger from within, the strength that cannot be taken by anyone. Jealousy being a negative emotion would first create a negative energy inside you. It is strange but true that when you are planning to do something obstructive for someone, the first person who is going to face the destruction is you!

The negative energy which you are igniting inside your heart would destroy you from within even before you can sense it.

Let’s talk about the other side of the coin, inspiration. Inspiration is that feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that ultimately motivates you to do better in life. Ever wondered what is so good about being an inspiration for someone or being inspired from someone. Inspiration is something which would help you in your self-growth. You will be able to see and appreciate  well in almost everything you come across with. When you stop comparing yourself to any person or any situation you will blossom like a flower that is beautiful in all its forms. We mentioned earlier that jealousy is something which is faced or can be faced in every stage of life. Inspiration has a similar characteristic; one can be inspired or become an inspiration for someone at any stage of one’s life. Let us get back to the same colleague we talked about earlier, rather than being jealous from him/her you can start acknowledging their method of carrying out their work. You observe them working with a lens of positivity which maximises all the good things for you to be motivated and inspired. The negative energy which was earlier created because of jealousy will now be replaced by the positive energy to be better for you. We all know that there is something good and bad in every individual. So, let’s do something better and focus on all the good stuff that a person possesses and be inspired to do and achieve it. Talking about  good, there is some good within us as well. Add your tinch of the good with the inspiration received and then everything will be wonderful. Inspiration is something which can be achieved  even from a little kid who laughs with full glow as if he/she has everything in this world. Just looking at this kid there can be a bunch of positive thoughts that would inspire you, motivate you. You should splash on that positive energy in your mind. You will be inspired from a small little kid to smile and laugh with your whole heart as much as you can even when you have nothing. Just like that little kid you will be an inspiration for millions.

Inspiration is something which might seem a bit tough at once but if you wish to be different, better individual, a happy and contended individual and someone who wants to make difference, channelise yourself to take a U-turn from the negative energy which is taking you towards jealousy.




We all are Balloons, In a World of pins

Being born as a human being is itself the greatest gift one can ever ask for. We all are unique in our own ways, made from the amalgamation of various beautiful and weird things. We are here in this magnificent world to accomplish certain duties, fulfil our dreams and walk around through this adventure to attain peace and happiness. There is this one thing which walks and moves around this sphere just like us. It’s a balloon. So, let’s unfold the perspective behind the journey of humans along with balloons. We have divided and characterised life into stages, responsibilities, goals and a whole lot of other activities. Humans are bound to act, behave and fulfil the expectations of the society when they enter into this world. We are expected to get educated at a certain age, kick start our career at certain point, start our family at the next stage and that’s how things go on. Of course, we are expected to give it our best shot and sparkle throughout the time. Shining like a star and sparkling is something that is worth it, and there is nothing worthy comes easy. When we decide to move forward, achieve the things we have been trying for, step forward towards our growth, we come out of the frying pan and are straight into the fire. This is the place where the similarities between a balloon and a human being unfold. A balloon is filled with air and is like humans filled with emotions, responsibilities, goals and dreams to fly high. To fly high, you have to pull yourself together as there would be lots of clouds on the horizon. There would be a lot of situations, circumstances, people, relations that would hold you back. These would be like pins to those balloons which are trying to touch the sky. There will be obstructions, barriers and unwanted circumstances that will break you down. The pins can shatter the balloon, but the pins of our lives can make us even stronger. The balloon doesn’t have the magical energy that we humans possess. It doesn’t have the strength to pull itself together. It doesn’t have the heart-warming blessings that act like a shield protecting us from all the wrong. We have that energy, that strength, that competence which would help to reach to the highest point. The point, the place which would give us eternal happiness. For this journey of life would not be free of wear and tear, dullness and darkness and whenever you feel that there are a lot of pins surrounding you, trying to break you, take a high jump and fly a little higher. Repeat this high jump every time pins try to muddle your peace. SO, BRACE YOURSELF TO FLY HIGH, BECAUSE HUMANS ARE THOSE BALLOONS ……WHO ARE MEANT TO TOUCH THE SKY 🙂



It has always been said that no beauty shines brighter than a good heart. We all chase the outer beauty as it surely attracts the eyes but may not always capture a heart. Beauty can be divided and perceived from two different angles, inner and outer. Although we talk a lot about having a good soul and heart yet mostly, we crave for our pleasing outer or physical appearance. Generally, we are more anxious about our body, our looks and our outer personality. In the stress, anxiousness and pressure, to always look presentable, we close our eyes to the fact that our inner self also needs to be taken care of. It is the inner self of a person that stays forever with him / her. It is this inner self that finds its place into the hearts of other persons as a good memory or the memory which they never wish to recall. Your outer beauty is surely going to dwindle and one day it might be so dull that it can’t attract the things it used to attract earlier. Your looks are surely going to change with your ageing. Your body is never going to be the same because we all know that change is the law of nature. But there is one thing which clings to you even when you leave this world and that is your inner self, the beauty, the attractive pigment that makes your heart the most beautiful thing about you. Inner beauty glazes your confidence, determination, empathy and love. Isn’t it worth knowing that the best feature of your personality, is a part of your inner self, it’s your heart, it’s your soul ? It needs no makeup to sparkle and is still that diamond that radiates a light of positivity every time people think about you. Isn’t it wonderful to get attracted from a person whose beauty isn’t what actually attracts you, it is the compassion, respect, calmness, peace and that positive vibe which magnetize people living around him or her? The essence of this real beauty had been evidenced even in the tough times may it be the Amphan cyclone in West Bengal & Odisha, the spread of Coronavirus in the whole world, Kerala and Uttarakhand floods, Tsunami in Andaman Nicobar Islands, etc. These incidents have shown us that there were some real heroes who were compassionate enough in understanding the pain and agony of sufferers of these natural calamities. These people were continuously there, giving the aggrieved people moral support. The real heroes made the affected people believe that yes, “we all are with you”. Just this expression tells a lot about what it means to be a beautiful person from heart. It is this inner beauty which would push you to become the helping hands for the people in any manner possible.So, let us take a step forward and be the ones who capture hearts and not just eyes. Let’s have a beautiful heart, Let’s be beautiful from the inner side too.



It’s all about the VIBE :)

VIBE, a term that will remind you of someone’s presence, it may remind of the magic you create every time you are with them. You will always remember the comfort, the fun, the happy moments, the sigh of relief when you see them. It’s never about the place you miss, it is about that person(s), that vibe you miss. You will go to that mall and shop for the same things and still not be happy, WHY? Maybe because you were trying to find the vibe which was entangled with the things you were doing. You will visit the cafe a multiple time but you will miss that laughter you had enjoyed that made it the best cafe for you. When we create an optimistic vibe, it does not only energise you but it rejuvenates also all the people you have met. You create an aesthetic environment for may be the ones who have not had a good day, for all those who were stressed. It’s your magnificent way that can get someone peace, that can get a little smile on their faces. You may lose contact, may forget each other’s birthday, but you will never ever forget the way you used to feel when they were around and that’s the power of vibe. It is always the people who will make you happy never the place. You connect to a particular surrounding because of all the magical moments you have had there with that vibe. Make yourself a person for whom people crave and crave for that one quality, your vibe. Construct yourself a better human being not only for others but also for your own self. Make yourself feel precious, make yourself a sprinkler of positivity and let others crave to have those droplets. Create a vibe that is remembered when you are not there. Create a vibe which soothes you and the people around. Create a vibe that makes this world a blissful place to live in.



We always talk about how to be successful and what if we are not successful?But no one really talks about failures, so let’s talk about it today. The fascination of getting successful has no harm in that but, is it only about the fascination or about the fear from failure which is brimming in our minds? Sometimes it isn’t about getting a top rank in the test it is rather about not failing in the test. The pompous fear that is positioned in our minds drives us crazy. We do not want to lack behind, we do not want that the “FAILURE” to act as an hindrance to our destination of “SUCCESS”. But it is always said that “big journeys begin with small steps”. Sometimes small steps are accompanied with small hurdles, challenges and obstacles. Improvement at anything is based on thousands of tiny failures, and the magnitude of your success is based on how many times you have failed at something. Famous American inventor and scientist THOMAS EDISON failed  more than 1000 times while he was working on his light bulb. It clearly signifies that if he would have taken a step back that day, we would not have been discussingabout him today. He did not lose patience, he did not lose his confidence, he did not lose his faith but what he did beautifully was overcoming his fear from failure. We can’t be successful at something until we are willing to fail at it. It is like we can’t be riding a car until we are willing to fall 100 times on a bicycle. The failure which we would be experiencing while we fall down will make us so resilient from all the hardships in the journey of achieving our goals. Failures make us stronger; it is hard to believe but yes, they do. Failures construct to withstand every storm that comes in our way. It makes you understand that success comes with some small gift hampers which are those tiny failures which make you the strongest individuals.



Love is a power, it’s a strength so just think about how alluring it would feel when we start loving ourselves! We are here in this world to create relations, build them, break them and continue the cycle. Missing the most important part, that is to love yourself with your whole heart. We humans are charged with so much love, that if we charge it to the right direction, we will be the happiest people on this earth. Loving someone is the most beautiful feeling and it is even more beautiful when you love them accepting all of their imperfections, flaws and in-capabilities. Take a moment, and think about the love that we can give ourselves when we accept all our shortcomings, limitations and faults.  But instead we crave for others to like us, to appreciate and to accept us. We forget the fact that we are the person with whom we share the closest and the purest bond. Amongst the numerous relationships we have, the best and the worst is the one which we create with ourselves. Any relation requires love and prior to that it requires the acceptance. We all know it very well what are we lacking behind, and every individual lack something or the other, we have some weakness as well as some strengths. Its about the way we perceive them, I may have a fat body, I may have a short height, I may have a weak eyesight, I may have a dark complexion and many more “I MAY HAVES”. But adding a “YES” to all our “I MAY HAVE” we can change the game because doing so is taking us to a next stage. It is taking us to the realization, that YES, I have to accept myself as I am. I have to accept myself the way I am so that I can love myself so deeply that I am there for myself till forever. We fear from the laughter, from the rejection and the insult that others might cause us. The fear of what “THEY ARE THINKING” or what if “THEY DO NOT ACCEPT ME” gets you down. Till the time we are dependent on other’s perceptions, their beliefs, their judgments we will always lack that self-confidence, because we would always be in a doubt about the worthiness of our love for ourselves. Close your ears and be deaf about all the negative comments and get busy to love yourself. Ask yourself so what if I am a bit fat, a bit short or bit dark I can be my favorite. I can be a person whom I can fall in love daily. I can be a person who embraces all my imperfections. It is all about accepting everything you have, the good and the bad. Know yourself, accept the way you are, and have a relationship with yourself, a relation of friendship and love.



Temporary and permanent, the exact opposites of each other yet going hand in hand. Temporary people get us to permanent lessons, temporary hard work may get us to the most awaited project in our career and yes, temporary situations make us a positive minded, strong individual. We feel shattered when we realize that the friendship, I had with this person is over now. We feel breaking up into a million pieces when we see our love falling out. We lose hope when we see that our hard work does not pay off. We feel that we are not confident enough when we are not able to handle a public gathering. Take a minute, and observe all these temporary situations, temporary people, temporary pain and temporary embarrassment. Are these temporary things bigger than YOU? The answer is NO. Let’s take it the other way around, you lost that friendship because it wanted to teach you how to differentiate from a permanent friendship. You fell out of love because it wanted you to understand that forever cannot happen with this person. You lost that big opportunity in your career because it was not big enough or may be it needs more of you, more of your hard work and dedication. Take a pause and think for a moment these temporary things wanted to teach you, wanted to give you a permanent lesson because when all these happen you will realize the cause behind it sooner or later. In a way it would be a lesson to you, the mistakes that led you here will be a permanent lesson for you, a permanent lesson for those temporary things, humans and situations.