We always need someone to love us, care for us, protect us and why does that happen? It happens because we live in a society, we are surrounded with people everywhere, we are bound to believe that we NEED someone. Our lives are embedded with insecurities every now and then. These insecurities range from expecting everyone to like us, be friends with us, support us, and care for us. But the big question is why we need someone else, why can’t it be a person enjoying his/her own company. Self-sufficiency is the key here. The day when we get out of this stereotype of craving for someone or anyone we will be self-sufficient and clearly it doesn’t mean that you do not have to interact with people. This idea of self -sufficiency just rejuvenates your mind to think a little deeper, a little harder and find someone whom you already know, who is there, who is within you and guess what that’s YOU. So love yourself, enjoy your company because you are the best! Do not dishearten yourself when you lose your friendships, your love or anything special to you. When others stop enjoying your company don’t lose hope because there would be one person who will always be your best friend, who will always love you and who would always enjoy your company and that person would be YOU!


  1. Very nice thoughts. Talking to yourself also help introspecting, which helps me to become a better person!

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  2. Much required piece of advice for bringing in positivity in someones life.
    Can’t always depend on actions and support of other people to live happily.

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