Temporary and permanent, the exact opposites of each other yet going hand in hand. Temporary people get us to permanent lessons, temporary hard work may get us to the most awaited project in our career and yes, temporary situations make us a positive minded, strong individual. We feel shattered when we realize that the friendship, I had with this person is over now. We feel breaking up into a million pieces when we see our love falling out. We lose hope when we see that our hard work does not pay off. We feel that we are not confident enough when we are not able to handle a public gathering. Take a minute, and observe all these temporary situations, temporary people, temporary pain and temporary embarrassment. Are these temporary things bigger than YOU? The answer is NO. Letโ€™s take it the other way around, you lost that friendship because it wanted to teach you how to differentiate from a permanent friendship. You fell out of love because it wanted you to understand that forever cannot happen with this person. You lost that big opportunity in your career because it was not big enough or may be it needs more of you, more of your hard work and dedication. Take a pause and think for a moment these temporary things wanted to teach you, wanted to give you a permanent lesson because when all these happen you will realize the cause behind it sooner or later. In a way it would be a lesson to you, the mistakes that led you here will be a permanent lesson for you, a permanent lesson for those temporary things, humans and situations.


  1. Very contemporary issue. Nicely put together! Plus very compact language!! Congrats! Keep bringing such wise topics!!

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