Love is a power, it’s a strength so just think about how alluring it would feel when we start loving ourselves! We are here in this world to create relations, build them, break them and continue the cycle. Missing the most important part, that is to love yourself with your whole heart. We humans are charged with so much love, that if we charge it to the right direction, we will be the happiest people on this earth. Loving someone is the most beautiful feeling and it is even more beautiful when you love them accepting all of their imperfections, flaws and in-capabilities. Take a moment, and think about the love that we can give ourselves when we accept all our shortcomings, limitations and faults.  But instead we crave for others to like us, to appreciate and to accept us. We forget the fact that we are the person with whom we share the closest and the purest bond. Amongst the numerous relationships we have, the best and the worst is the one which we create with ourselves. Any relation requires love and prior to that it requires the acceptance. We all know it very well what are we lacking behind, and every individual lack something or the other, we have some weakness as well as some strengths. Its about the way we perceive them, I may have a fat body, I may have a short height, I may have a weak eyesight, I may have a dark complexion and many more “I MAY HAVES”. But adding a “YES” to all our “I MAY HAVE” we can change the game because doing so is taking us to a next stage. It is taking us to the realization, that YES, I have to accept myself as I am. I have to accept myself the way I am so that I can love myself so deeply that I am there for myself till forever. We fear from the laughter, from the rejection and the insult that others might cause us. The fear of what “THEY ARE THINKING” or what if “THEY DO NOT ACCEPT ME” gets you down. Till the time we are dependent on other’s perceptions, their beliefs, their judgments we will always lack that self-confidence, because we would always be in a doubt about the worthiness of our love for ourselves. Close your ears and be deaf about all the negative comments and get busy to love yourself. Ask yourself so what if I am a bit fat, a bit short or bit dark I can be my favorite. I can be a person whom I can fall in love daily. I can be a person who embraces all my imperfections. It is all about accepting everything you have, the good and the bad. Know yourself, accept the way you are, and have a relationship with yourself, a relation of friendship and love.

20 Comments on “LET ME LOVE ME!

  1. Very positive words! Love has infinite power to make things happen and usher in positivity in our minds. Well done Nishtha! Keep inspiring 🌸

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  2. 👍👍very inspiring words.your words can motivate the person who have facing such problems. Well done ..👏👏


  3. 👍👍very inspiring words.your words can motivate the person who have facing such problems.. well done👏👏


  4. Blog is a booster for self esteemed. Beautifully written, very compact, very subtle message. Loving is essential but loving youself is priority. Well done Nishtha.

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  5. Feel so well to see such positive, frank and encouraging thoughts about loving oneself, so well expressed. May God bless you to keep on putting in your efforts in such great thoughts to inspire others positively starting from yourself…great work…keep it up and live it up

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