We always talk about how to be successful and what if we are not successful?But no one really talks about failures, so let’s talk about it today. The fascination of getting successful has no harm in that but, is it only about the fascination or about the fear from failure which is brimming in our minds? Sometimes it isn’t about getting a top rank in the test it is rather about not failing in the test. The pompous fear that is positioned in our minds drives us crazy. We do not want to lack behind, we do not want that the “FAILURE” to act as an hindrance to our destination of “SUCCESS”. But it is always said that “big journeys begin with small steps”. Sometimes small steps are accompanied with small hurdles, challenges and obstacles. Improvement at anything is based on thousands of tiny failures, and the magnitude of your success is based on how many times you have failed at something. Famous American inventor and scientist THOMAS EDISON failed  more than 1000 times while he was working on his light bulb. It clearly signifies that if he would have taken a step back that day, we would not have been discussingabout him today. He did not lose patience, he did not lose his confidence, he did not lose his faith but what he did beautifully was overcoming his fear from failure. We can’t be successful at something until we are willing to fail at it. It is like we can’t be riding a car until we are willing to fall 100 times on a bicycle. The failure which we would be experiencing while we fall down will make us so resilient from all the hardships in the journey of achieving our goals. Failures make us stronger; it is hard to believe but yes, they do. Failures construct to withstand every storm that comes in our way. It makes you understand that success comes with some small gift hampers which are those tiny failures which make you the strongest individuals.

21 Comments on “FEAR FROM FAILURE

  1. Very inspiring.well said that very failure make us strong and encourage us to achieve our goal.
    Keep it up👍👍

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