VIBE, a term that will remind you of someone’s presence, it may remind of the magic you create every time you are with them. You will always remember the comfort, the fun, the happy moments, the sigh of relief when you see them. It’s never about the place you miss, it is about that person(s), that vibe you miss. You will go to that mall and shop for the same things and still not be happy, WHY? Maybe because you were trying to find the vibe which was entangled with the things you were doing. You will visit the cafe a multiple time but you will miss that laughter you had enjoyed that made it the best cafe for you. When we create an optimistic vibe, it does not only energise you but it rejuvenates also all the people you have met. You create an aesthetic environment for may be the ones who have not had a good day, for all those who were stressed. It’s your magnificent way that can get someone peace, that can get a little smile on their faces. You may lose contact, may forget each other’s birthday, but you will never ever forget the way you used to feel when they were around and that’s the power of vibe. It is always the people who will make you happy never the place. You connect to a particular surrounding because of all the magical moments you have had there with that vibe. Make yourself a person for whom people crave and crave for that one quality, your vibe. Construct yourself a better human being not only for others but also for your own self. Make yourself feel precious, make yourself a sprinkler of positivity and let others crave to have those droplets. Create a vibe that is remembered when you are not there. Create a vibe which soothes you and the people around. Create a vibe that makes this world a blissful place to live in.

28 Comments on “It’s all about the VIBE :)

  1. The website cover, it’s blogs and the contents always convey very soothing vibe….great job…keep it up

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  2. Your blogs always have that soothing vibe and leave behind impressions of your amazing writing skills … Keep up the good work


  3. Totally agree with the author. It’s always the people and the time spent with them gives us the swing. Once again can correlate and resonate with your thoughts. All the best.


  4. Yes.completly agree with you.Things places doesn’t matter where you are and what you have.the only thing matter is the best people around you and their positive vibes.
    Keep it up n all the best👍👍

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