It has always been said that no beauty shines brighter than a good heart. We all chase the outer beauty as it surely attracts the eyes but may not always capture a heart. Beauty can be divided and perceived from two different angles, inner and outer. Although we talk a lot about having a good soul and heart yet mostly, we crave for our pleasing outer or physical appearance. Generally, we are more anxious about our body, our looks and our outer personality. In the stress, anxiousness and pressure, to always look presentable, we close our eyes to the fact that our inner self also needs to be taken care of. It is the inner self of a person that stays forever with him / her. It is this inner self that finds its place into the hearts of other persons as a good memory or the memory which they never wish to recall. Your outer beauty is surely going to dwindle and one day it might be so dull that it can’t attract the things it used to attract earlier. Your looks are surely going to change with your ageing. Your body is never going to be the same because we all know that change is the law of nature. But there is one thing which clings to you even when you leave this world and that is your inner self, the beauty, the attractive pigment that makes your heart the most beautiful thing about you. Inner beauty glazes your confidence, determination, empathy and love. Isn’t it worth knowing that the best feature of your personality, is a part of your inner self, it’s your heart, it’s your soul ? It needs no makeup to sparkle and is still that diamond that radiates a light of positivity every time people think about you. Isn’t it wonderful to get attracted from a person whose beauty isn’t what actually attracts you, it is the compassion, respect, calmness, peace and that positive vibe which magnetize people living around him or her? The essence of this real beauty had been evidenced even in the tough times may it be the Amphan cyclone in West Bengal & Odisha, the spread of Coronavirus in the whole world, Kerala and Uttarakhand floods, Tsunami in Andaman Nicobar Islands, etc. These incidents have shown us that there were some real heroes who were compassionate enough in understanding the pain and agony of sufferers of these natural calamities. These people were continuously there, giving the aggrieved people moral support. The real heroes made the affected people believe that yes, “we all are with you”. Just this expression tells a lot about what it means to be a beautiful person from heart. It is this inner beauty which would push you to become the helping hands for the people in any manner possible.So, let us take a step forward and be the ones who capture hearts and not just eyes. Let’s have a beautiful heart, Let’s be beautiful from the inner side too.

42 Comments on “BEAUTY

    • Great thought. Wonderfully expressed. Really encouraging and shows beauty from another perspective.
      Beautiful work.. Keep writing 😘💖

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  1. Great thought. Wonderfully expressed. Really encouraging and shows beauty from another perspective.
    Beautiful work.. Keep writing 😘💖

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  2. Surprised to read that the deep knowledge about inner beauty had not been learnt by the most of the eldery people n nishtha had put it in words at the too early age.salute to the girl n her parents

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  3. 👌👌 beautiful thoughts.well said the inner beauty is forever.. people having pure heart full of love and care actually areal beauty that always remain.
    👍👍keep it up

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  4. Profound messages should be conveyed in the most simple words so that they penetrate many hearts. Indeed you justify above with each piece of writing.

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