Being born as a human being is itself the greatest gift one can ever ask for. We all are unique in our own ways, made from the amalgamation of various beautiful and weird things. We are here in this magnificent world to accomplish certain duties, fulfil our dreams and walk around through this adventure to attain peace and happiness. There is this one thing which walks and moves around this sphere just like us. It’s a balloon. So, let’s unfold the perspective behind the journey of humans along with balloons. We have divided and characterised life into stages, responsibilities, goals and a whole lot of other activities. Humans are bound to act, behave and fulfil the expectations of the society when they enter into this world. We are expected to get educated at a certain age, kick start our career at certain point, start our family at the next stage and that’s how things go on. Of course, we are expected to give it our best shot and sparkle throughout the time. Shining like a star and sparkling is something that is worth it, and there is nothing worthy comes easy. When we decide to move forward, achieve the things we have been trying for, step forward towards our growth, we come out of the frying pan and are straight into the fire. This is the place where the similarities between a balloon and a human being unfold. A balloon is filled with air and is like humans filled with emotions, responsibilities, goals and dreams to fly high. To fly high, you have to pull yourself together as there would be lots of clouds on the horizon. There would be a lot of situations, circumstances, people, relations that would hold you back. These would be like pins to those balloons which are trying to touch the sky. There will be obstructions, barriers and unwanted circumstances that will break you down. The pins can shatter the balloon, but the pins of our lives can make us even stronger. The balloon doesn’t have the magical energy that we humans possess. It doesn’t have the strength to pull itself together. It doesn’t have the heart-warming blessings that act like a shield protecting us from all the wrong. We have that energy, that strength, that competence which would help to reach to the highest point. The point, the place which would give us eternal happiness. For this journey of life would not be free of wear and tear, dullness and darkness and whenever you feel that there are a lot of pins surrounding you, trying to break you, take a high jump and fly a little higher. Repeat this high jump every time pins try to muddle your peace. SO, BRACE YOURSELF TO FLY HIGH, BECAUSE HUMANS ARE THOSE BALLOONS ……WHO ARE MEANT TO TOUCH THE SKY 🙂

52 Comments on “We all are Balloons, In a World of pins

  1. Outstanding as always…you have been touching daily routine topics with a totally unique touch including graphic presentation

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  2. Incredible. You have explained the purpose, the difficulties and the correct way to overcome them in life so beautifuly. Keep up the good work

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  3. That was a wonderful analogy explained so beautifully. Keep up the good work, I always feel inspired by it.

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  4. Outstanding thought….Never looked at things from this perspective. Feeling so blessed right now…Keep writing like this to show us the world from a new and better perspective. Just beautiful and amazing. 💖💖

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    • Your comments always motivate me to do much better the next time. Thankyou for always supporting and loving. This really means a lot to me❤️❤️


  5. Amazing.. beautifully discribe the journey of our life and how can we make it easier and wonderful . great job..
    Keep writing 👍👍
    God bless you beta

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