Jealousy and Inspiration can be perceived as two different sides of a coin, although one of them is considered immoral by humans yet it is practiced the most by them. Whenever we hear the word jealousy there is some sought of negative vibe which encircles us. On the other hand, inspiration surfaces with its own positive magnetism. One never wonders why inspiration is always considered a step ahead of jealousy.

Let us try and understand the meanings of these two words.

Jealousy is something that brings upon thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear and concern when a person lacks behind any materialistic or idealistic possession as compared to the people around him/her. We have seen and experienced various cases where it is not even about money, fame, marks or any other material-based thing. People are jealous from one another just because  the other person is leading a happy, peaceful and secure life . The seeds of jealousy are germinated at the time  of child’s birth and it seems he / she has entered into this world full of competitions. Parents who always have this dream and aspiration that come what may their kids should always be the one winning a race, shining academically and succeeding in life are sometimes the first one instilling the thought of jealousy. A small kid would never  know what jealousy is all about but the pressure to always win makes him/her choose all the unfair means which start with this negative emotion. It is human nature to be envious of the things and situations that the other person possesses or is into. We all know that no matter how much we have, it will never be enough, we would never be satisfied from the things we have but will certainly be jealous about all the things  the other individual possess. It has been witnessed that when we are jealous of someone may it be because of their wealth, health, lifestyle, relationships or any other thing we are competing with them just for the sake of putting them down and taking a level up so that we can ascertain our superiority over them. Jealousy is something that is faced or can be faced in every stage of our life. A person is envious of his colleague at work because he/she is succeeding at a faster rate, a peer mate when he/she is moving ahead in the academic sphere. Humans are even jealous if they see someone happy for no reason. The biggest problem which lies here is the negative thought because of which we want to compete with that person and not ourselves. It is proven that we become better individuals when we start competing with ourselves first. When we compete with ourselves the only thought that would be rooted in our mind would be our positive growth. Having no ill will for anyone would make you stronger from within, the strength that cannot be taken by anyone. Jealousy being a negative emotion would first create a negative energy inside you. It is strange but true that when you are planning to do something obstructive for someone, the first person who is going to face the destruction is you!

The negative energy which you are igniting inside your heart would destroy you from within even before you can sense it.

Let’s talk about the other side of the coin, inspiration. Inspiration is that feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that ultimately motivates you to do better in life. Ever wondered what is so good about being an inspiration for someone or being inspired from someone. Inspiration is something which would help you in your self-growth. You will be able to see and appreciate  well in almost everything you come across with. When you stop comparing yourself to any person or any situation you will blossom like a flower that is beautiful in all its forms. We mentioned earlier that jealousy is something which is faced or can be faced in every stage of life. Inspiration has a similar characteristic; one can be inspired or become an inspiration for someone at any stage of one’s life. Let us get back to the same colleague we talked about earlier, rather than being jealous from him/her you can start acknowledging their method of carrying out their work. You observe them working with a lens of positivity which maximises all the good things for you to be motivated and inspired. The negative energy which was earlier created because of jealousy will now be replaced by the positive energy to be better for you. We all know that there is something good and bad in every individual. So, let’s do something better and focus on all the good stuff that a person possesses and be inspired to do and achieve it. Talking about  good, there is some good within us as well. Add your tinch of the good with the inspiration received and then everything will be wonderful. Inspiration is something which can be achieved  even from a little kid who laughs with full glow as if he/she has everything in this world. Just looking at this kid there can be a bunch of positive thoughts that would inspire you, motivate you. You should splash on that positive energy in your mind. You will be inspired from a small little kid to smile and laugh with your whole heart as much as you can even when you have nothing. Just like that little kid you will be an inspiration for millions.

Inspiration is something which might seem a bit tough at once but if you wish to be different, better individual, a happy and contended individual and someone who wants to make difference, channelise yourself to take a U-turn from the negative energy which is taking you towards jealousy.



36 Comments on “Taking Inspiration from Jealousy

  1. 👏👏 beautifully discribe. new concept.
    Never thought this way. Your thoughts always inspire me..
    Keep writing 👍👍 always inspiring 💖

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  2. Positive and fresh perspective. The breakdown of concepts is immaculate. Keep Inspiring!

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  3. Well-described, Nishtha, it’s the prejudices that surround us that lead to our downfall. Keep inspiring with your work and let the world shun all the negativity and replace it with all positivity.

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  4. Inspired by the way you put different aspect together and bring out the positive one so beautifully.
    Keep inspiring with these beautiful thoughts that are not just an article instead a practical way to lead our lives positively.

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