Progress is always personified with a ladder that is considered a symbol of growth, prosperity and achievement. To find positivity in each and every bit of life is what our ultimate goal should be. So, to get started, the first and the foremost thing is to sow that seed of positivity in your mind and see that seed growing and becoming a reality. When we achieve progress in life, where, how and when do not matter. We develop a sense of satisfaction; well-being and we are proud of ourselves, sometimes for a little while only. We, humans, always relate progress with happiness, growth, achievement, exposure and expansion. But we never focus on the paradox and the bulk that growth or progress brings with it. The idea of paradox of progress highlights the ill effects in any form that progress brings to our life. To make the idea simpler and clearer, paradox refers to a seemingly absurd and contradictory word. So, when we say paradox of progress which itself is a statement that at first would not make any sense but as it said, when we dig deeper, mostly we find treasure. The human mind is fatigued when it experiences any kind of progress. We are tempted to get more of it. We fear what might happen if we are unable to do justice to the progress we have achieved. We have this mental pressure to be consistent with our work so that there is always progress and new heights achieved. Imagine that you scored really well in your examinations, you are happy, your family is delighted with your score. You celebrate your happiness and then there comes a thought which shakes you up. You start thinking about future, “What if I am not able to score the next time?” What if someone else gets better marks? What if this is not enough?

All these thoughts snatch away the smile of today. You were happy, you were proud but your overthinking and anxiety for the next chapter of progress brings you down.

Just take a pause and hold on for a second, the progress that is meant to give you happiness, joy, peace and reason to work even harder, should not be a continuous pressure on you to succeed. Life is a journey, you will get everything on your way, and you will have your ups and alongside you will be having the downs as well. Celebrate your progress for now and work hard for the next time, but don’t be stressed and muddled up to achieve everything right with just the blink of an eye.

Don’t be the one who gets anxious and desperate when things get better, because that will strain you, make you weak, disturb your mental health and peace. Don’t forget that there is a lesson in every chapter of life, and every chapter is not going to soothe you, make you happy or bring a smile on your face. There will be chapters that are there to teach you and guide you towards some underrated things in life.

Celebrate today,

Celebrate the success, the happiness and the progress of the present.

29 Comments on “Paradox Of Progress!

  1. Wowww Nishtha.. very well written sweety. This is so true, in order to achieve more, we lose what made us happy at the present moment!!

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  2. Pleased to see that you find positivity in all aspects and express it so vividly and convincingly…keep it up

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  3. Splendid!!! True words… We need to live and enjoy in the present… Future isn’t ours to see…. Just need to work hard to achieve what we want… But that does not mean that we get too anxious… Live in the moment… Great thoughts… U help me see life through new perspectives 💖💖💖

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  4. It was a treat to read this beautifully laid out path of paradox of progress! Kudos to you 🤟

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  5. 👍👍 wow Nishtha.well done. beautifully written..
    Every success brings lots of worries to achieve more n more in our life.we can’t celebrate our today in tension of is like has both ups and downs and every situation is changeable so enjoy every moment of your life.

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  6. Celebrate 🎈 how far you have come today… Yet another great piece of work..Nishtha… Just marvellous… Congratulations 👏.. keep it up..

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