We have made this journey of life, a mere competition amongst each other, to seem better than the other person, to get noticed by everyone we have forgotten the biggest natural virtue that is to be SIMPLE, to practice simplicity as a habit. To make simplicity our state of mind. We are so busy in portraying ourselves to others that we have buried the essence of simplicity which has the power not only to make us happy rather we are able to radiate the light of positivity and comfort to all the people around us. Adopting this virtue of SIMPLICITY, we are always reflecting our true personality to ourselves as well as the whole world. When we endorse simplicity, we have nothing to lose and this is the biggest strength which an individual can possess. One becomes fearless, like the one sleeping on the floor who doesn’t fear from falling off the bed. When you adopt simplicity as a state of mind it creates an environment in which people love to approach you. They are attracted with your simple yet magnificent way of talking. They feel comfortable around your simple yet positive mindset. They will love you for all your simplicity, because that is magnetising them towards you. We all have heard that life is really simple, it is because of this race to win against each other that we complicate life and ourselves too. We tend to feel good when we demoralise or create an inferiority complex in the other person through our words, actions and body gestures. This toxic thought needs to be detached from us before we are disconnected from all our loved ones. This has its inherent positive effects; one tends to feel relaxed and satisfied with whatever one has. One blooms like a vibrant flower of positivity; one remains in a neutrally happy state of mind where one is neither too excited nor too depressed.
In this world where everyone is running behind complexities, be the one who embraces SIMPLICITY, so that you stand out while everyone is getting lost in the crowd πŸ™‚

39 Comments on “Let’s Cherish Simplicity :)

  1. Beautiful idea…. I never thought simplicity is so important that it brings us closer to Supreme power…
    Keep shining 😊

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  2. Very rightly said. Keeping the clutter out of mind leads to general positivity in thinking. Life is too short to while away time in such fruitless thoughts. The day has 24 hours and we have counted time each day to fulfil our chosen plans. Like ‘money saved is money earned’, the time saved from wasting in such useless indulgence of mind, is extra time gained for executing our objectives.
    Even otherwise the futile feelings tell upon our mental, physical and emotional health. Medical science has concluded that different negative emotions like jealousy, hatred, anger, extreme stress etc affect different parts of our body, like kidneys, lever, lungs, heart, pancreas etc.
    Let us live in peace and let others live in peace!

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  3. Simply awesome..πŸ‘
    A much required thought for the artificial lyf we r having now-a-days..
    Keep it up Nishtha betaπŸ’

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  4. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ superb πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Beautifully written amazing thoughts
    Deeply touched. God bless you . keep writing 😘😘

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  5. Very apt, simplicity if someone ask me then it is,
    One come in this world naked and left with shroud…

    Whatever they earn couldn’t accompanied them to their next journey!!
    Well penned topic, Nishtha!πŸ™‚

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