There is magic in your smile when you make someone’s day better. It’s the magic that they didn’t know about but it still gives them immense happiness. You are magical when you hear out to someone who feels that he/she is alone and there is no one to listen to them when they have so much to share. There is magic in your eyes when you can appreciate all the lovely little things around you. Your words become magical to those who might have not heard anything good since morning. Those sparkling talks can refresh someone’s mood, it can make them feel comfortable and they would always remember that talk with you which gave them the peace. There is magic in your thoughts that when you think about someone, all you can think about is how to love them more, how to make them happier and how to thank them for their existence in your life. There is magic in your heart when you wish to make it the most beautiful place in the world, when it’s so pure, filled with positivity, love and respect for everyone around. We don’t realise but there is magic in all of us, it’s just having the right feeling to believe that we are magical. So, the one reading this, Yes, you are magical. Magical in all the ways you cannot even dream of. Just don’t forget about your secret magical powers which are embedded within you, shower that magic, and paint this world with the beautiful colours instilled in your magnificent heart.

37 Comments on “You are MAGICAL ✨

  1. Nishtha… U are such a magical soul..with your magical thought and words, that people will crave for your vibes…🌷🌹🌸💐❤️

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