To the most powerful emotion which can make you feel glad that you are alive. It can make you feel that sometimes anything and everything is worth it and you should go forward and do what your heart desires, may it be something big or something really small.  Love can make you feel that you are the happiest person in this whole universe. Life is just a journey of big and small steps to fall in love everyday with almost everything which brings a smile to your face, may it be your favourite ice cream, playing with your pet, listening to your favourite playlist or eating a meal with your loved ones. It could be anything that can make your heart skip a beat, from being up on your school’s stage to recite your first poem, to achieving something big in your life. It’s the love that creates an environment which calms you and tells your mind, relax we will figure it out. Love makes living worth it, it makes us feel on top of the world and be connected to all the good things in life. If not all the good there will certainly be some lessons to learn. Love makes living easy, because when you have all those small treasures along with your big supporters nothing can be that tough. These things would provide you with all the strength and power to be through with the challenges and ease out all the difficulties of your life. Last but not the least, love makes it a happy living. Just imagine yourself with all the magical things which can make your heart smile, when you have them with you, nothing can stop you from living the happiest life in the whole world. The day we pause the energy of love, it becomes the day we lose the spirit of life, the spirit of living. 

It is worth only when you live every bit of life, cherishing everything you have while you have it and making efforts with the same zeal for everything which you love but might not possess at the moment.

41 Comments on “Loving is Living

  1. Love yourself and everything else falls into line. You really to love yourself to get anything done in the world.
    Very nice.. Keep up it.

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  2. That’s True. Love is a must have thing in a person’s entire life. Remove Love and the entire equation of ur life becomes complicated. The more we spread Love, the more we have peace and harmony inside out. Spread Love and Stay Happy…

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