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Let’s Cherish Simplicity :)

We have made this journey of life, a mere competition amongst each other, to seem better than the other person, to get noticed by everyone we have forgotten the biggest natural virtue that is to be SIMPLE, to practice simplicity as a habit. To make simplicity our state of mind. We are so busy in portraying ourselves to others that we have buried the … Read More Let’s Cherish Simplicity 🙂


Paradox Of Progress!

Progress is always personified with a ladder that is considered a symbol of growth, prosperity and achievement. To find positivity in each and every bit of life is what our ultimate goal should be. So, to get started, the first and the foremost thing is to sow that seed of positivity in your mind and see that seed growing and becoming a reality. When … Read More Paradox Of Progress!


Taking Inspiration from Jealousy

Jealousy and Inspiration can be perceived as two different sides of a coin, although one of them is considered immoral by humans yet it is practiced the most by them. Whenever we hear the word jealousy there is some sought of negative vibe which encircles us. On the other hand, inspiration surfaces with its own positive magnetism. One never wonders why inspiration is always … Read More Taking Inspiration from Jealousy


We all are Balloons, In a World of pins

Being born as a human being is itself the greatest gift one can ever ask for. We all are unique in our own ways, made from the amalgamation of various beautiful and weird things. We are here in this magnificent world to accomplish certain duties, fulfil our dreams and walk around through this adventure to attain peace and happiness. There is this one thing … Read More We all are Balloons, In a World of pins



It has always been said that no beauty shines brighter than a good heart. We all chase the outer beauty as it surely attracts the eyes but may not always capture a heart. Beauty can be divided and perceived from two different angles, inner and outer. Although we talk a lot about having a good soul and heart yet mostly, we crave for our … Read More BEAUTY



It’s all about the VIBE :)

VIBE, a term that will remind you of someone’s presence, it may remind of the magic you create every time you are with them. You will always remember the comfort, the fun, the happy moments, the sigh of relief when you see them. It’s never about the place you miss, it is about that person(s), that vibe you miss. You will go to that … Read More It’s all about the VIBE 🙂




Love is a power, it’s a strength so just think about how alluring it would feel when we start loving ourselves! We are here in this world to create relations, build them, break them and continue the cycle. Missing the most important part, that is to love yourself with your whole heart. We humans are charged with so much love, that if we charge … Read More LET ME LOVE ME!



Temporary and permanent, the exact opposites of each other yet going hand in hand. Temporary people get us to permanent lessons, temporary hard work may get us to the most awaited project in our career and yes, temporary situations make us a positive minded, strong individual. We feel shattered when we realize that the friendship, I had with this person is over now. We … Read More TEMPORARY- PERMANENT



Health is something that is holistic in nature. It is external as well as internal. External is the physical health, it is when our body feels strong, fresh and relaxed. On the other hand, an internally healthy person is the one whose soul feels strong, relaxed and at peace. Health is like a jigsaw puzzle it cannot be complete if all the pieces are … Read More HEALTH : IT’S A COMBINATION