Health is something that is holistic in nature. It is external as well as internal. External is the physical health, it is when our body feels strong, fresh and relaxed. On the other hand, an internally healthy person is the one whose soul feels strong, relaxed and at peace. Health is like a jigsaw puzzle it cannot be complete if all the pieces are not arranged in the right manner. Hence external and internal health go hand in hand. As we all know that to be physically healthy, we need to have a balanced diet and do physical activities. In the same way a person is mentally healthy if he/ she has the right balance of emotions, feelings and has a control over his/her behavior and attitude. We all know that the excess of anything is bad. So if there is intake of something bad in large quantity then the result is seen as vomiting. In the same way taking the excess of negativity may lead to an emotional burst out. Emotions should be like different veggies, it should be like the different nutrients that we should have to maintain that healthy body and soul. When we talk about health, we must also talk about the junk which should be avoided. We all know that to have a good physical personality what all we should avoid, so let’s talk about how to have a good mental and emotional personality. Ego, anger, and jealousy are some of the traits which act like the calories making us emotionally flat and bloated. So, let’s have something more friendly to our health. Let us replace ego with humility, anger with love and jealousy with admiration. Let us give it a try to change a few things to achieve something huge! …….. LET’S BE HEALTHY !


We always need someone to love us, care for us, protect us and why does that happen? It happens because we live in a society, we are surrounded with people everywhere, we are bound to believe that we NEED someone. Our lives are embedded with insecurities every now and then. These insecurities range from expecting everyone to like us, be friends with us, support us, and care for us. But the big question is why we need someone else, why can’t it be a person enjoying his/her own company. Self-sufficiency is the key here. The day when we get out of this stereotype of craving for someone or anyone we will be self-sufficient and clearly it doesn’t mean that you do not have to interact with people. This idea of self -sufficiency just rejuvenates your mind to think a little deeper, a little harder and find someone whom you already know, who is there, who is within you and guess what that’s YOU. So love yourself, enjoy your company because you are the best! Do not dishearten yourself when you lose your friendships, your love or anything special to you. When others stop enjoying your company don’t lose hope because there would be one person who will always be your best friend, who will always love you and who would always enjoy your company and that person would be YOU!



Human beings are the most dissatisfied creatures in this world, always wired to become dissatisfied with whatever they have and satisfied only by what they don’t. Mahatma Gandhi once said that there is enough for every man’s need but not for his greed. We all know that it is human nature to ask for more, no matter how much one has.  A simple example for this could be that a person having a small car craving for a bigger one and the one having the bigger would long for an aircraft. Gautama Buddha in his teachings often said that the biggest cause of unhappiness is the never ending desires of human beings. We always desire for more and more and never get satisfied. The reality is somewhat different though; we are unable to understand that whatever we have is actually more than enough for us and is meant to be for us. So let’s just start a fresh by altering our perspective that “IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH” rather than thinking “IT’S NEVER ENOUGH”. So next time when you have a small car, and you crave for a bigger one, look for a person who is travelling in a two wheeler. You will actually feel blessed for whatever you have because that would be “MORE THAN ENOUGH”. It’s not that we should not desire or wish for something but it would reconstruct a perspective to be satisfied and thankful for whatever we are blessed with.



“Dream as you will live forever….live as you will die tomorrow”. This statement appears to be a bit confusing but actually makes sense when we give a deep thought to it. It is always said that dream big because that big dream would stimulate our mind, mold us so that we perform the required actions to achieve that, to make it happen. Big dream would be something that would make us laugh….make our hearts smile. Dreaming is a beautiful exercise especially when you decide to dream for your whole life. We know that we will die one day, but till that day let’s live our lives to the fullest. Let’s try and fulfill all our dreams before that special day arrives. It also depends on how hard we work to make those dreams come true. As a wise saying goes that success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. We dream of a big farm house but to actually achieve it, we need to study well, get good grades, have a good job and earn good money. It is like a chain to achieve something and it starts with the most important thing i.e. to dream about it. The other essential thing is that we should never stop dreaming, believing that we will live forever so that the fire within us to fulfill our dreams never dies. As mentioned earlier we all know that we all are going to die one day, but are unaware of that last day. So we need to live each day considering it to be our last day. This would stimulate us to do all the things that make us happy, that generate a sense of positive attitude in our lives. When we assume that we may not be there the next day, then there are a lot more things that we can do besides doing the usual stuff. One more amazing thing is that when we feel that our end is near, we actually do not wish to waste our precious time with negative thoughts, discussing with people and holding grudges because what we have is just this TODAY. So let’s just practice one thing that we would not just live in the present but enjoy this present to the fullest like this the last one and dream-dream and continue dreaming to achieve the best in life.



If we define a thought it is simply an idea or opinion that forms by thinking or occurs suddenly in the mind. But as human beings are the most complex organisms in earth, their thoughts are also intricate in nature. Thoughts lead us to new and creative ideas or sometimes may tread the path of difficulties, tensions and depression because sometimes we think a lot, more than required leading to over-thinking. When we are not able to control our thoughts they take a long way and we take our own conclusions. Our mind contains and regulates our thoughts. Our thoughts revolve around the environment in which we are placed in. so it better to create a positive environment not only for yourself but for others as well. It is because we are someone else’s environment when we are positive we take with us those positive vibes and spread them whenever we meet them. Same is the case with negativity, if we are brimmed with negativity 24*7 what will we reflect, we would spread those negative vibrations creating a negative society. So we should try to maximize the positive thoughts because our thoughts are very powerful. They can lead us to create a better tomorrow. Positive thought process, positive visualization will tread the path of an easy going, fun and happy life brimmed with positivity. So make your thoughts as beautiful and as light and positive to lead a wonderful life.



It is rightly said that do not run behind success instead go for excellence, success will definitely come your way. Success can be different for different individuals because everyone is unique and have their own perspective towards life and all the things going around them. Success is equivalent to any big or small achievement a person achieves in his/her life. Achievement may be an A grade in your examination, it may be your selection in your favorite firm, making someone happy, making your parents proud all this comes under the shelter of success. Determination, hard work, dedication and passion all tread the path to success. When we imbibe all these qualities, we move towards excellence and we make the path for success. When we achieve what we have admire and work for it, we live a happy and satisfied life.



Life, the most unpredictable and prolonged situation with humans. It is believed that human life is the most unpredictable one because humans have developed complexities at every instance in their life. The biggest complications is in their relations whether it be understanding each other or communicating with one another. Egos, love, hate all these are feelings that sometimes sought our lives while sometimes make it a dreadful roller coaster. It is not that we exclude ourselves from these feelings but what we should do is to “LET IT FLOW”. Our life is a like a question paper which we have to solve by ourselves we cannot seek help from anyone because everyone has a different one. So what we can do is welcome whatever is coming our way because everything will be fine, and everything is fine it’s just that we have to believe it and sometimes leave it for the time being. Sometimes we come across situations which are far from our reach, we know that every problem has a solution but if our mind fails to grab it at that time we feel that everything is going wrong. Take a pause, hold for some time, keep calm and believe that everything will be fine and till the time let it flow see what  has been planned for you because that is best and you will achieve that when the right time arrives. So don’t worry believe that you will only get the best and you will get it when the time is ideal. Till that time just be positive believe in yourself and let life flow!



The word GRATITUDE symbolizes our feelings of thankfulness that we hold towards or we should have towards every commodity, every desire and almost everything that we have achieved in this beautiful world created by the Universe. We often forget the fact that all the comforts, pleasures and luxuries that we have with us are because of this Supreme Power and we just need to thank him for whatever we have.

It is human nature to always strive for more and more and when not achieved, we end up surrounding ourselves with negative thoughts and expressions of ingratitude. Humans are always affected by their peers and the social environment in which they are placed so a lot is affected by what the society, the people, friends, family thinks about them.

Most of the energies are spent in convincing or flaunting them with the possessions we’ve owned over time and we forget to thank all those who make us what we are. In the ruckus that we face in our everyday life starting from getting up to dozing off to sleep and prepping up for the next day, there are endless thoughts and actions that devote to our feelings of mixed emotions. While carrying out all these activities, we forget to do the most salient task of the day – Acknowledging Thank You.

Just a Thank You makes one day the most blissful day and practicing it to continue on a regular basis converts the whole life into a beautiful experience.



Psychological studies say, “Every individual is unique.” This restates the fact that it’s no wrong in being you.” Being yourself is the toughest task as it makes you believe in your own thoughts and decisions as most of the times merely going with the crowd does not help. It’s not that ‘being you’ refrains one from listening to any thought or advice but it enhances the knowledge and possibility to rationally think about an issue and analyze the pros and cons related to it. In fact, it’s wonderful to have you own opinion, your own style, and your own perspective because you are different and it’s perfectly fine. If everyone would have agreed with the Britishers before India’s Independence and there would have been no national leaders to raise a conflict and their opinions on right to freedom, we would have not been what we are today. This again explains that how a path less travelled leads to a revolution that is good for individuals and society as a whole. We have often heard the saying that “Be the change you want see” so if you want to be the change, first try to be you because you are the one who can control your thoughts and do what you pursue rather than blindly following the path taken by everyone and be one amongst the crowd. For being yourself you need to be confident that all the decisions that you are taking are fine and are not a result of any influence of thought kept in front of you just because your family, friends or elders approve it. Approve it when your heart says it and when you actually feel it’s correct.


If you change nothing, NOTHING WILL CHANGE

Every situation in our life teaches us something or the other and also strengthens us to be courageous enough to take it over the next time. But often life serves us with situations that are like a question paper that has questions which we have had a look on or out of syllabus but here we cannot complain or crib to anyone. Rather than what we should start practicing is to look for the solutions to the problem and to become one of those unique persons who do not crib about only those problems but try to open the door of solutions because as we already know that there is no problem in this world that has no solution to it. It all about our perspective, our mindset that turns it into a different concept. The saying if you change nothing, nothing will change! Can be easily applied here its just that the phrase can be interpreted in a different context which implies that if we change our approach our mindset and our perspective of looking at situations or circumstances we will surely achieve the solution of the much awaited problem. This happens because now we have changed the way we look at problems because now we do not stress about the problems but about the solutions. If we talk about the problems there are many. But if we shift or attention or concentrate towards the solutions we would definitely discover that like problems or there are many solutions to it as well. India is a diverse country full of various social, cultural, linguistic groups different religions and caste but if the leaders at that time would have thought of the problem of combining these religious groups we would have never thought of the solution and now if we look at India it’s a huge country full of diversity but in unity. Another problem that has been into great consideration these days is the Swatch Bharat Mission launched by our Prime Minister. If he would have looked about only the problem and cribbed about it we would have not got the ideas the plans to clean it and head a step forward to reach our goal that is a clean and green India. So be the one who looks for the solutions and not just sit back to crib about problems. Be the unique one who can take a step forward to change something to see the change. BE THE LEADER!!


Life is like a mary-go-round full of ups and downs, sorrows and happiness some situations tough and hard so some easy and enjoyable. We all come across some situations where we just think that its an end and now we cannot do anything more to resolve the problem we are in, but as it is said that if we are in the problem we will also have the key to unlock the door to happiness and getting out of the problem. Here this practice comes  into being where it is said that what cannot be cured must be endured which signifies that if we are stuck in a situation where we think that we cannot get out of it we should try to handle that situation in very calm, composed and patient manner because if we not able to cure it we should learn to suffer in it by just having a positive mindset and ensuring ourselves that nothing will go wrong as long as we are ready to face any circumstance with courage and a positive attitude. And by acquiring this way of life keeps us going in life and renders us to develop a positive, strong and healthy personality so that the rest of the life becomes smooth and easy going and all these teachings help us to grow more happy, satisfied and a bright individual who handles every situation with a smile.